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28 August 12

Ants In My Pants

Yes, I’m wearing pants again! Hahahaha! Some people are happy to see me all covered up. And, I know why… It’s because they care so I don’t mind granting their wish sometimes. :) 

I prefer wearing shorts because it’s easier to move around compared to jeans, but pants are staple items in any person’s wardrobe. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t have at least one pair in their closet. In my case, I have quite a few; some of them I’ve already outgrown but I definitely have them even though you don’t see them online very often. 

As much as possible, I like my blog-worthy outfit to be blog-worthy so instead of posting another one wherein I’m wearing my regular jeans, I wore these red Easy Leggings Pants from Uniqlo. :) 

The color of the pants alone can make the whole outfit stand out, and it makes me appreciate colored jeans even more. The same sentiments go with printed pants, which you’ll be seeing in my future post! :) 

Vintage Belt // Shoes from Summersault

Black & White Striped Button-down Shirt from Korea :) 

I got this unbranded top from Korea for only 10,000 won. That’s only around Php400! It was definitely a STEAL so I bought 3 colors - You’ve seen one of the colors in my previous post. :) Even my friend, who was shopping with me then, noticed my enthusiasm for these striped long sleeves. I said it’s because I’ve been dying to get a black & white one. I saw one in Topshop, but it wasn’t worth its price. Good thing I waited because the money I would have spent on Topshop for a single top was able to buy me 3 and I still have CHANGE! Hahahaha! :) 

Black & Silver bracelets from Cotton On // Black Bead Bracelet w/ Cross from Anagon :) 

Black Beads Collar from H&M :) 


June 30, 2012

Rockwell was on SALLLEEE! It was a shopping day for me. Ralph and I even went to Glorietta afterwards to buy the items we missed to get at Rockwell. :) 

Dinner at Sumo Sam & drinks at Agave. It was a simple yet fun night with good company. :) 


10 April 12

Something New

As promised, I’ll try more styles. See, my shirt’s not tucked in. Hahaha! 

Sorry, but I don’t think I can get out of my comfort zone that fast. In time, I’m sure you’ll all see more changes. Baby steps. :D 

Shoes from Summersault 

This is my default shoes. If I can’t anything nice to pair up with my outfit, I end up using this. Hmmm. I think I need more shoes. ^___^ 

Powder Pink Sweatshirt from H&M // Salmon (almost Orange) Sheer Polo from Cotton On // Black Leather Shorts from Forever 21 // 

Speaking of Cotton On, are you aware that they’re opening a store here in Manila real soon? :)) 

Mustache Ring from Hong Kong // Leather Cuff from SM Accessories // Black Bead Bracelet w/ Cross from Anagon //

Silver Ring w/ Pearl (gift from a friend) // Black Pretzel Ring from Hong Kong // 


I wore this last March 4, 2012. I am still a month delayed. SNIFF. :’( 

But, I have nothing to say about this day so I’m gonna move on to my current news. I just got back; this explains my weeklong blog absence. I promise to make it up to all of you as fast as I could. : ) 

ANDDD.. Sorry for the low quality photos. I’ll try to post better pictures next time! ‘Til my next blog post. IT WILL BE POSTED SOON. I already prepared it before I left. :) 


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