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1 June 12

Sunrise Buckets

I used to be addicted to vests, but right now, I’m only inclined to wearing the denim collared ones in different colors and prints. But, I’m not the type of person who doesn’t utilize my clothes. Often times when I shop, I choose the pieces that would look good in different styles and can be paired with different prints/fabrics and clothes. So, I tried to pair this vest with something other than my usual sleeveless and tank top. :) 

Vest from Coexist // Shorts from Cotton On // 

Shoes from New Look :)

Mint Green Striped Sheer Top from Korea

For some reason, I was attracted to stripes when I was in Korea so I bought 3 in different colors. I have a black & white, mint green & off white and another one with denim & white stripes. ::) 

DIY Beige Fabric Necklace // Chunky Jeweled Necklace from H&M // Vintage Belt // 

Festival Masks Ring from Korea // Black Ring from Hong Kong // Studded Ring from Chapel // “Stay With Me” Ring from Korea // 


April 19, 2012

P.S. I bought that “stay with me” ring for a reason. Hahaha! I wear it when I’m around people I would like to stay in my life. :) 

So… Who were the people at Sunrise Buckets with me that time? :D 


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