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9 May 12


April 6, 2012 Itinerary: 

We went to the KIMCHI School where we were taught how to make the lettuce kimchi. Yes, lettuce kimchi is the one we normally see and eat. Apparently, there are a lot of of types of kimchi (I honestly had no idea). Example: Radish kimchi, squid kimchi, kimchi pancake and many many more. :) 

I took a picture of the one I made, but it doesn’t look very appetizing so I decided not to post it. Hahaha! :) 

Wearing Hanbok :) 

Papasa din namang outfit shot to diba? :) 

After this, we went to the Ginseng Outlet and The Face Shop store. After that, Bev, Blanche and I already separated from the tour for a shopping trip. IT WAS FUN! SUPER FUN! It was one the highlights of my trip — Shopping with friends + figuring out the train + going home late + getting lost in the train station + crossing our fingers that the train which just left wasn’t the last trip back to our place. :) 


April 7, 2012

First stop, Amethyst Shop. My dad got me a ring! KILIG! :) 

Cruise around Seoul - This wasn’t originally part of the itinerary, but our tour guide tried to fit it in because we weren’t able to take the one in Busan due to our canceled flight. :) 

Last tourist attraction: AIINS WORLD: MINIATURE THEME PARK : )

Eiffel Tower. I miss Paris. :( 

Colossus of Rhodes

Location: Mediterranean Sea, Greece 

Legend says that people in the Island of Rhodes erected an enormous statue of their sun God Helios to guard the entrance of the harbor at Rhodes, in order to commemorate their spirits that led themselves to conclude a peace treaty in 305 B.C. With a height of 33m, it was built over a period of 12 years. It is said that this statue got its knees broken due to the severe earthquake in 226 B.C., it remained standing for a millennium. - Got this from their description box. :) 

Machu Picchu - Now I know what it is! :) 

Location: Andres Mountains, Peru

As the last ruins of the ancient Inca Civilization, that was born in Cuzco, the old capital city of Peru, Machu Picchu means “Old Peak.” Standing at an altitude of 2,350m above the sea level, it is a city located on the highest reaches in the world. Until now, no one knows how the Incas carried blocks of stone without using the wheel to build structures. - From the description box. 


Does anybody know the way to ATLANTIS?  Such a beauty! :(

Location: Atlantic Ocean near the Straits of Gibraltar 

Atlantis, meaning the “Island of Atlas”, is a legendary island in the Atlantic, west of Gibraltar. Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, described this island in his work, “Dialogue”. It is said that Atlantis was once a rich and powerful kingdom, but its arrogant pride incurred Gods’ angry, and they got Atlantis to sink beneath the sea. - Got this from their description box as well! :) 

While some of our tour mates when back to the bus early, I kinda enjoyed AIINS WORLD. It felt like going around the world in less than an hour! : ) 

Sorry I posted a lot of tourist shots in this entry! Btw, this is my last blog about our Korea trip so expect my regular outfit and makeup posts in the coming days. :) 


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