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This blog is about fashion, travel, food, cosmetics and other random photos that I take a picture of.

My interests:
Fashion. Clothes. Accessories. Cosmetics. Shoes. Bags. Books. Reading. Music. Movies. Singing. Photographs. GLEE. How I Met Your Mother. Gossip Girl. 90210. Pretty Little Liars. Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Blogging. Memories. Traveling. Shopping. Writing. My MacBook (Tyler). Yuki. Friends. Family. God.

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28 September 14

Candy Affair


A few weeks ago, I was invited by my friend to model for her clothing line. Hihihi! Feeling model! :) I couldn’t say no, of course. It’s been a thing for our group to help each other out on these kinds of occasions. They’ve helped me with SHOPabcd before, and it’s just right to return the favor and do much more. :) 

You have to see the rest of the photos and I’m super exciting to share everything to you guys!!! :) Read more! Read more! Read more! :) 

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25 September 14



A very mature look for a night with the parentals of my boyfriend. Hahaha! Pinagsasabihan ako lagi ni Ralph to ‘wear pants’ kaya ito pinush ko na! :) 

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