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Jeanne Khe

This blog is about fashion, travel, food, cosmetics and other random photos that I take a picture of.

My interests:
Fashion. Clothes. Accessories. Cosmetics. Shoes. Bags. Books. Reading. Music. Movies. Singing. Photographs. GLEE. How I Met Your Mother. Gossip Girl. 90210. Pretty Little Liars. Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Blogging. Memories. Traveling. Shopping. Writing. My MacBook (Tyler). Yuki. Friends. Family. God.

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31 July 14

Welcome March


I mentioned a few days ago that I’d be MIA last weekend because of a scheduled vacation… That plan didn’t push through, but I was still away from my blog because we still made the most our of that weekend! Hahaha! :)

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24 July 14

Starting Over Again


Hello! A quick update before I go MIA again this weekend! Well, I will be if our plan’s going to push through, but I really really hope it will. I need a break to relax and get my mind off things. :) So… to the coming typhoon, please please please don’t drop by our country anymore. :D

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