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This blog is about fashion, travel, food, cosmetics and other random photos that I take a picture of.

My interests:
Fashion. Clothes. Accessories. Cosmetics. Shoes. Bags. Books. Reading. Music. Movies. Singing. Photographs. GLEE. How I Met Your Mother. Gossip Girl. 90210. Pretty Little Liars. Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Blogging. Memories. Traveling. Shopping. Writing. My MacBook (Tyler). Yuki. Friends. Family. God.

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17 September 14



Will be posting more about this… SOON. :) 

14 September 14

Summer Calls


Surprise surprise! It’s not the usual white background photo! Ralph took my photos in their village kaya ang ganda! Hahaha! Say ko lang… Ang ganda ng Ferndale talaga! Ideal village forever! It’s so clean, fresh and pretty! <3 

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh